The  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare(GoI) in association with the Population Research Center has been monitoring various  health  programmes  of Jammu and Kashmir  state to provide universal access to quality health care and to achieve an acceptable standard of good health amongst the general population in the State.

  As India was the first country to start an official family planning programme in the world. It had no experience to use from other such programmes; therefore it had to evolve gradually. Research arms of the program have became very important part of his evolution process. The Government started full time units called Communication Action Research Centres, later called Demographic Research Centres and now called Population Research Centers to conduct unbiased assessment of family planning programme, so that enough information is generated to strengthen the programme. These Centres are located in Universities and institutions of national repute.

 Over the years, this Centre has completed 116 studies, highlighting various issues which have been used to strengthen the programme. The Centre was involved in the conduct of National Family Health Survy-4 (2015-2016) and monitored various rounds of National Family Health Surveys and the District Level Household Survey-3 in Jammu and Kashmir. On behalf of the Planning Commission, the Centre evaluated some of the important Centrally Sponsored Schemes in J&K and the findings of this study have been used to take corrective measures in the implementation of these schemes. The centre presently has undertaken LASI project in collaboration with IIPS Mumbai and University of California Los Angeles USA.


The Centres was instrumental in the implementation of improving the Health Management information System. The studies conducted by the Centre in evaluating the Health Management System have become Model for other Centres. A rapid survey to evaluate some important components of National Rural Health Mission in J&K was applauded both by Central and the State Government.


Though, evaluating Health and Family Welfare has been the focus of the Centre, but we have also conducted research in various other fields of population sciences. As population growth is one of the problems, that India is confronted with, therefore, our research focus has to be on this issue. Unless we are able to control our rapidly growing population, our efforts towards social and economic development and improvement in quality of life are not going to be successful. Therefore, we at the PRC have to contribute a lot in this regards. It is high time that we should ensure use of our research for programme strengthening. This will not only fulfill our obligation towards our society, but it will give us our professional satisfaction. I want to emphasize that there is no greater satisfaction than to see application of our research findings into the programme. Our researches should be oriented to a goal and the goal is strengthening the programme.


Dr. Effat Yasmin